Walt Disney World Rolls In New Stroller Policy

If you bring a stroller to the theme parks, you need to read this.

April 4, 2019

(Photo by Eric Thayer/Getty Images)

Stollers are a dime a dozen all over theme parks as parents trek to the parks with their kids. However, now at Walt Disney World, there are a few more restrictions that you should know about.

Starting May 1st of this year, strollers can't be any wider than 31 inches or 52 inches long. 

A lot fo strollers today including those fancy running strollers for two fit within these guidelines. 

Wagons haven't been permitted for a while in the parks, but as of May 1st, stroller wagons won't be permitted either. 

These new rules are set to help ease congestion in crowded areas and improve the overall guest experience for all guests. 

Personally, I go often with family and I rarely see any strollers that are too big. Disney also offers stroller rentals at the park for single or double occupancy.

I honestly don't think this will affect too many people and I do agree that this will be a good thing for all guests.

Disney is also banning smoking in all of their theme parks come May 1st. Currently, there are smoking areas around the park but those will be going away.

Something that may impact more people is Disney's new policy on loose ice. 

Many guests bring snacks and drinks and place ice cubes in zip lock bags to keep things cool and as of May 1st, loose ice will no longer be allowed in the park either. 

Instead, they recommend ice packs or asking for complimetary cups of ice at any quick service restaurant. 

Source: Disney Parks Blog