White Castle Returns To Florida With Location Planned Near Walt Disney World

The new Florida location will be announced Monday!

November 22, 2019

Harold and Kumar aren't the only ones going to White Castle.

Soon, Central Floridians can as well as the fast food chain is set to announce a new location in Orlando on Monday!

The new location is set to be announced in the yet to be constructed O-Town West development near Walt Disney World on Monday at 10am.

The developer of O-Town West did not comment on if the store will be in his development, but if that's where the announcement is set to be made then my guess is that it'll be either there, or very close.

O-Town West is right off Daryl Carter Parkway and Turkey Lake Road.

It's been 50 years since White Castle has been in Florida and via a press release, it appears it's time for an "update."

Source: Orlando Sentinel