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What's That Smell? It May Be A Youngin'

A surprising amount of young people don't wear deodorant.

June 19, 2019

Living in Florida we know all too well what heat and humidity does to our bodies.

It causes odors and sweat. So we may wear more deodorant that people in other states to off-set the smells of perspiration.

However, a surprisingly large number of those ages 18-24 admit they don't wear deodorant. In fact, about 40% admit they skip the anti-perspirant.

The poll from YouGov found out that people ages 25-34 didn't do much better, with 31% of those polled saying they didn't wear deodorant. And their reasoning wasn't that they felt that it may be unhealthy. While some fear the adverse affects of aluminum in the body, it appears that the majority of those polled simply don't feel that they need to use it.