5 Slang Terms Your Kids Might Be Saying

Do you know what these actually mean?

February 12, 2019



Sometimes I feel like I need Google Translator to decipher what my kids are actually trying to say to me. It seems like every time I get caught up with the latest batch of new words, a new group comes out. So, this time I'm ahead of the game and sharing what I know!

Your kids probably already know all of these, but I was only familiar with one of them. My kids say "Bet" all the time and I was like, "Bet what?" HAHA! According to USA Today, here's what you need to know so you can actually have a conversation with your kids:


1.  Bet-  It means you agree with something.  It's like saying "You bet," but without the word "You." (Do you want ice cream after dinner? Bet!)


2.  Get a bag-  This means cash, like a bag of money.  If you "Get a bag," you're talking about getting paid or coming into cash somehow.


3.  No cap-  This doesn't mean not having a hat for the ballgame. It's basically the same as saying, "No lie"  or "No joke." If you say it at the end of a sentence, you're just confirming that you're being serious, not joking.


4.  Out of pocket-  If a friend does something crazy, you might say they're "Out of pocket." It has nothing to do with expenses or being out some money.


5.  Weak-  It can mean bad or lame, but it has another meaning, too.  If something is really funny, you might hear someone say they're "Weak" from laughing so hard.


There are several other words you can check out from USA Today by clicking here.