Alessia Cara Confesses Her Hidden Talents and Odd Collections To Jay Edwards

Plus, she has new music on the way!

November 7, 2018

Alessia Cara was in Orlando and stopped by the mix 105.1 studios to talk about new music and a lot more!

On the outside when we see Alessia Cara, we see this amazingly talented artist that just won her first GRAMMY. But on the inside, Alessia admits to struggling on the road with loniliness and missing her family. She said, "With the way my career is going, I felt like I'd be ungrateful if I'm sad. I'm human, we're all entitled to feel sad and the same way other people deal with them I have to deal with them." 

She admits that in the past she hasn't been completely open about her emotions and doesn't talk too much about herself. But with her new music, she said it was helpful to open up and hopes it helps her fans too.

Outside of new music, what's going on with Alessia? Did you know she can do killer impersonations of Adele? What's Adele think about her impersonation? She said, "Adele was really nice to me when I met her recently, so I don't think she saw the video. Can we just delete this footage and move on?"

Plus, everyone has an odd collection, right? Well, Alessia used to collect her own baby teeth, bottle caps and business cards. She even saved her own wisdom teeth and she said they were just gross, so big!

And how did Alessia respond to these "Would You Rather" questions?

Would you rather have Drake play your next birthday party or have Adele in your bridal party?

Would you rather be a contestant on "Survivor" and win or be a judge on "American Idol" or "The Voice?"

Would you rather live without your phone or your guitar?

Alessia's brand new album "The Pains of Growing" and will be out November 30th. If you're ready now, you can pre-order the album here.