Is Now An Acceptable Time To Ask For A Pay Raise?

June 30, 2020

Are you wearing multiple hats these days for the same salary? I think a lot of people are and it doesn't help that a lot of companies are strapped for cash.  But can you still ask for a raise if you really deserve one?  A career development expert says you can, but you have to do it the right way. According to the NY Post, here are five things to consider:


1.  Do you work for a company that's barely staying afloat?  If you do, there's no chance you'll get a raise, so you might want to wait for things to bounce back a little.  Especially if it's a small company and you personally know the owner.


2.  Offer to take on more work on a  temporary basis.  If you can save the company money by taking on a little more work or in some other way, they might be willing to give you a raise.  Just don't end up in a permanent situation where you make a little more for a lot more work.


3.  Ask for a one-time bonus instead.  Some companies with salary freezes might still be able to give you a bonus.


4.  If you can't get more money, ask for perks instead.  For example, you can ask for more vacation days or maybe they'll let you cram your hours into four days instead of five.


5.  Know your worth!  You might feel lucky to even have a job and have to assume lots of people would do it for less.  But hiring and training costs money, so don't sell yourself short.  Just weigh your options and if you do get a raise, it might not be huge.  So, is a small raise now better than a bigger raise if you asked later? Your call!


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