4 Common Habits That Could Make You Sick

February 25, 2020

With the flu and coronavirus going around, we have to be more careful than ever when it comes to staying healthy.  So, just as a friendly reminder, here are four common habits that could easily get you sick and chances are, you're guilty of at least one of these!


1.  Biting your nails- Putting your fingers in your mouth and biting your nails is unsanitary and can expose you to all sorts of bacteria, viruses, and infections.  It's also not good for your teeth.


2.  Eating at your desk-  You're typing on a keyboard that's most likely covered in germs and then putting food in your mouth.  Definitely not the cleanest place to enjoy a meal! 


3.  Not changing your sheets-  According to Bustle, dust mites love your nice, warm bed just as much as you do.  Even though dust mites themselves are harmless, their droppings and body fragments can cause colds and trigger asthma symptoms.


4.  Not getting enough sleep-  According to The Better Sleep Cpuncil, about half of Americans say they don't get enough sleep, which is between 7-9 hours a night.  When you don't sleep enough, it decreases your energy levels and makes you more susceptible to illness, since your cells can't fully recharge while you snooze.


You already know this, but for the most part, all of us ignore at least one of these. It's just a friendly reminder of how important it is to take care of yourself, especially at a time like now.