The Best And Worst Cities For Single People

Two Florida cities made the list for worst!

November 13, 2019

We're only two weeks away from when your family asks you why you're still single at Thanksgiving. Tell them it's not your fault, it's because you don't live in Atlanta.

Wallet Hub just released the results of a new study that ranked the 182 biggest cities in the country from the best place for single people to the worst and Atlanta came in at #1 for singles.

They based it on 35 different criteria, including the percentage of the population that's single, the singles gender ratio, online dating opportunities, active Tinder users and the average restaurant and drink prices. Orlando came in at 37th best on their list.


The rest of the top 10 are:


San Francisco

San Diego

Portland, Oregon


Los Angeles

Madison, Wisconsin


Portland, Maine


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The worst city for single people is Pearl City, Hawaii.  The rest of the bottom 10 are:


Pembroke Pines, Florida

Glendale, California

Brownsville, Texas

South Burlington, Vermont

Columbia, Maryland

Yonkers, New York

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Shreveport, Louisiana

Hialeah, Florida.