3 Ways You've Been Eating Chocolate All Wrong

Who knew?

July 15, 2019

(iStock / Getty Images Plus / AaronAmat)


I don't have a very big sweet tooth. So, when I do actually have some chocolate, I'd like to know I'm at least eating it correctly. According to experts, we've all been eating chocolate wrong our entire lives.  Here are three ways to make it taste even better from Delish:


1.  Stop chewing it so much.  Experts say you'll taste it more if you press it up on the roof of your mouth and let it dissolve by sucking on it.


2.  Don't eat it in large chunks.  If you break it up into smaller pieces, it releases the aromas of the chocolate.  By doing this, you taste it more, especially if it's good chocolate.  Rubbing it with your thumb also helps, but that sounds kinda messy and weird.


3.  Smell it before you eat it.  Just like wine, experts say you should smell your chocolate before you pop it in your mouth.  It primes your taste buds, so you get more of the flavor.