4 Cooking Mistakes You Could Be Making In Your Kitchen

I'm guilty of one!

June 5, 2019

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I consider myself to be a pretty good cook, no complains from my family unless I overcook the steaks. However, there are a handful of basic cooking mistakes people make all the time.  After reading over these, turns out I'm guilty of doing one all the time! Here are four good ones from Buzzfeed that are worth reading:


1.  Spices-  Don't be afraid to use lots of spices for flavor. Of course, you can add too much of anything. However, if you notice your food tastes bland, it's because you're not seasoning it enough.  You don't have to get fancy with expensive herbs and spices either. Simply adding more salt and pepper while you're cooking can help.


2.  Be Patient-  If you're cooking steak or red meat, let it rest before you cut into it or carve it.The juices spill out if you cut it right away, which dries out the meat. Just give it a few minutes before your first cut.


3.  No oil in your pasta water-  THey say there's no need to do this. As long as you mix the pasta right away, it won't stick together.  When you add the oil, it makes the pasta slippery, so now your sauce can't coat and stick to it as well.  



4.  Don't cook onions and garlic at the same time-  I'm guilty of this one! When I sautee mushrooms or onions, I always add everything at the same time. They say that since onions take a little longer to cook, you should wait a few minutes before you add the garlic or it can burn before the onions are done.