Did You Know That January Is Known As "Divorce Month?"

January 15, 2020

I'm not trying to make you paranoid or anything, but did you know that January is sometimes called "Divorce Month?" According to the NY Post, it's because it's when divorce lawyers see a huge uptick in clients.

They say there's about a 25% spike in the number of people looking for divorce advice in January. So, why in January? They think it's possibly because they were waiting to get through the holidays.

Now this doesn't mean they necessarily file for divorce right now.  A lot of people just put feelers out and wait to file.  So, here are three red flags you might want to be aware of:


1. Spending habits change-  Lawyers do something called a "Spousal Support Analysis" to figure out alimony, especially if one person brings in most of the money. If their client needs support, they might tell them to go out and shop more, so it'll look like that's the lifestyle they've become accustomed to.  Or if their client wants to avoid paying alimony, they might tell them to stop spending so much.


2.  Change In Appearance- Suddenly getting makeovers or finally hitting the gym a lot more is a sign to watch for.  But be careful with that one, because it might just be a New Year's resolution thing.  Only be suspicious if there are other red flags, like lying or a lot of late nights at work.


3.  They've stopped nagging you-  If they used to do it a lot but stopped, it might be a sign they've started to give up on the relationship.