5 Things To Look Forward To In July

July 1, 2020

I'm a glass half-full kind of guy. So, if sharing some good news right now might put a smile on your face, I'm all for it! Here are five things happening this month for you to look forward to:

1.  Professional baseball and basketball are set to return.  The Major League Baseball season starts in about three weeks.  Then, the NBA is slated to return at the end of the month on July 30th from right here in Orlando.  


2.  A few shows worth mentioning that come in July:  The "Unsolved Mysteries" reboot hits Netflix today, according to Time.  The cast of "30 Rock" will reunite to host the NBC "Upfront" special on July 16th.  Plus, one of my favorite comedians Jim Gaffigan's has his new stand-up special set to hit Amazon Prime July 24th.


3.  In case you haven't heard, "Hamilton" lands on Disney+ this Friday.  There's also a Tom Hanks World War Two movie called "Greyhound" coming to Apple TV July 10th and I love anything that man does on the screen.


4.  The 4th of July is this Saturday.  If you can't go see fireworks this year, there are still ways to watch.  PBS's 40th annual "Capitol Fourth" special airs on YouTube. Plus, SeaWorld here in Orlando is having fireworks July 3rd-5th!


5.  Lastly and certainly the most important...July 3rd is Dana Taylor's birthday! Happy birthday Dana!


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