Five Subtle Signs You're More Stressed-Out Than Usual

May 21, 2020

Do you feel like you're at peak stress?  I know, some days are worse than others, just know that you're not alone. Well, the HuffPost shared five subtle signs you're more stressed-out than usual:


1.  You're tired, even when you haven't done much.  Stress alone is exhausting, even when you're not physically active.  Experts also say that chronic fatigue can be a sign you're depressed.


2.  If you startle really easily, it might be a sign you're feeling tense.  We're more likely to be jumpy when we're on edge.


3.  You're too productive or zoned in on a hobby, sound like you?  Excessive enthusiasm and extreme productivity are coping mechanisms for some people.  Having zero interest in stuff can also be a sign of stress though.


4.  Having more headaches?  It's possibly because you're overly tense and anxious.  Things like dizziness, ulcers, insomnia, and stomach problems can also be linked to anxiety.


5.  You're more forgetful?  When your brain is overloaded with stress, it's harder to manage simple tasks and checklists that would normally be routine.