Fortnite Raked In $2.4 Billion In 2018

Did your kids help them cash in?

January 17, 2019



Are your kids like mine, addicted to Fortnite? Remember when it first came out and they were all excited to play it because it was a free game? Free to download, yes. However, as parents, we knew at some point they had to make money and according to Deadline, they made a ton of money!

"Fortnite" pulled in $2.4 billion last year, the most revenue of any game in history in single a year.  Remember that whole "Free to play" thing? HAHA! True, but not when you start buying all those season passes, character skins, and dances.  After "Fortnite", the free-to-play games that made the most money in 2018 were:


"Dungeon Fighter Online", $1.5 billion

"League of Legends", $1.4 billion

"Pokemon GO", $1.3 billion

"Crossfire", $1.3 billion