Four Things To Look Forward To In August

July 31, 2020

Despite everything going on right now, we can all use some good news, right? Well, here are four things you can actually look forward to this month!


1.  Live sports are back! Major League Baseball and the NBA got under way this week and the NHL will join them this weekend.  The Orlando Magic returned a few days ago in their chase for the playoffs, so that's good news! Go Magic!


2.  On TV, my wife's favorite show "Big Brother" returns to CBS next Wednesday. It's an "All-Star" season, so it should be a good one! Plus, "Shark Week" is back on Discovery August 9th. And don't forget the VMAs are set to air on MTV on August 30th.


3.  There are a couple things happening in space that you can enjoy while still social distancing.  SpaceX's Crew Dragon Demo-2 mission will return to Earth from the International Space Station today.  (You can watch it on And according to, the Perseid Meteor Shower is going on now, but it'll peak on August 11th and 12th between midnight and dawn.  Just go outside and look up.


4.  There are no federal holidays in August, so you're not going to get any days off work.  But there are a ton of fun, smaller holidays, including Friendship Day today! Plus, Chocolate Chip Cookie Day on the 4th, International Beer Day on the 7th, National Relaxation Day on the 15th, and my personal favorite, National Radio Day on August 20th! It's also National Dog Day on the 26th and I can't believe my little girl turns 15 on August 30th! Lookout Orlando, she will be driving soon! 

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