How Gross Are You Compared To Jay?

Answer these 7 quick questions...

April 11, 2019

Jay Edwards/Entercom


OK, this might be TMI, but let's have some fun anyway. Buzzfeed asked these 7 questions about how gross people are and I figured I'd answer them HONESTLY and share my answers. So, compare your answers to mine and see who's grosser,  you or me!


1.  How often do you change your sheets?  OK, I know I should change them more often, but it's about every 3-5 weeks. According to the results of the survey, 50% of us usually go more than a month, including 6% who said they rarely change them. That makes me feel a little less gross, I guess.


2.  How often do you brush your teeth?  Only 48% said they always brush twice a day.  The other 38% said once or twice "depending on the situation." OK, that's me. Of course every morning, but then a 2nd time if I have sweets before bed or take a nap and need to freshen-up before going on with my day.


3.  What's an acceptable amount of time to leave dishes in the sink?  55% said one day, while 23% said a few days and 19% said do them immediately. I can't stand dishes in the sink and I pride myself in my dishwasher stacking ability. So, I'm in that 19%.


4.  How often do you clean your bathroom?  71% said at least once a month, 22% said a few times a year, and 7% said never. OK, I'm personally in the once a year category. But wait, hear me out! It's not because they don't get cleaned. My wife will actually clean each bathroom weekly! (We have a teenage boy, you get it.) However, I rarely clean the bathrooms because Stacie does it so often.


5.  How often do you shower?  57% said once a day, 7% said twice a day and 35% do not shower every day. I shower daily and sometime twice a day if I'm outside a lot with the kids.


6.  Do you ever wear a shirt twice without washing it?  87% said yes and I'm in that 87%. However, 27% would also wear underwear a second time.  Gross! And this is why you're single!


7.  Do you always wash your hands after using the bathroom?  100% yes, every single time! And people that don't get the stink eye from me in the bathroom! From the survey, 56% said yes, always, 41% said they sometimes skip it and 3% rarely wash their hands.