Monday 11AM - Hurricane Dorian Update

The latest information on Hurricane Dorian

September 2, 2019

The latest track on Hurricane Dorian shows it creeping along moving West at 1 mph in the Northern Bahamas as it continues to pound Grand Bahama Island with destructive winds and rain.

The storm has weakened slightly, with winds now at 155 mph and is now a Cat 4 hurricane.

According to News 6, the hurricane is now 110 miles east of West Palm Beach as it barely moves along Florida's east coast.

As far as a timeline goes, Central Florida will start to feel the effects of the outer bands later today, with stronger winds and a potential for flooding Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday.

If it stays on its current path, Orlando and the Central Florida community could feel tropical storm force winds with up to 60-80 mph gusts and up to 3-6" of rain. 

Those of yopu on the east coast could see a few more inches of rain, flash flooring and gusts anywhere from 75-110 mph.



Seminole, Orange and Osceola County schools are now canceled on Wednesday, as well as Tuesday.


Keep in mind, if you lose power, you can always get the latest information on your smart phone using the app. We will pass along all the latest information the very moment we get it.

Stay safe and take it seriously. I'd much rather be way over-prepared and have a close call than to not be prepared at all. -Jay