[VIDEO] This Ice Cream Licking Prankster Needs To Be Caught

This is so nasty!

July 2, 2019

(iStock / Getty Images Plus / TrongNguyen)


My kids think I'm weird because at the grocery store, I always take the 2nd or 3rd item on the shelf, never the 1st one. Well, after seeing this, my odd behavior makes sense! This woman did something that should be criminal, ruining a perfectly good tub of Blue Bell ice cream. It's absolutely one of my favorites and always will be, but what she did is just wrong! Who does this?

According to NewsHub, Blue Bell is working with authorities because they say this behavior won't be tolerated. Get her Blue Bell! I was curious if what she did is actually criminal and a police officer friend of mone said this: "Consumer product tampering FSS 501.001(2)A first degree felony $10,000 bond."