Are These Really The Ten Keys To Happiness?

You be the judge!

March 11, 2019



Well, if you've always said that money is the key to happiness, you're right. HAHA! I agree with you, but apparently the people that did this survey disagree with us. According to a survey, money isn't even one of the top ten keys to happiness.  According to The Independent, these are the top ten keys to happiness:


1.  Spending quality time with your family came in at the #1 spot and how do you argue that choice?


2.  Having time to yourself


3.  Spending time with friends


4.  Spending more time outdoors


5.  Getting good sleep


6.  Getting to participate in your favorite hobby


7.  Delicious food, especially if it's healthy


8.  Learning and discovering new things


9.  Eating healthy


10.  Getting exercise