It's Been 3 Years And I Really Miss This Guy

Three years ago today I lost a best-friend...

August 11, 2018
Scott, Jay and Dana


It's hard to believe that three years have gone by since losing Scott. He was my co-worker for 18 years, but he was so much more than that. Scott was my best-friend, he was my mentor, a teacher, a role model and after losing my brother in 1997, Scott became a big brother to me. He made me a better radio personality, a better husband and a better father. I admired so much the amount of love he had for his wife Fran, his daughter Lauren and his family and I truly feel like some of that rubbed off on me.

It's funny, as I sit here and type this and look over my shoulder, nothing has changed in the office. It's the same way Scott left it, my side covered with celebrity photos and autographs and his side with one single picture on the entire wall. That picture is a black and white headshot of Dana from over a decade ago that he kept up there because he knew it would probably annoy her and he loved picking on her, in a "Big Brother" kind of way. Just ask Dana about the "Out of Tune" song! It was a song he'd play whenever she'd walk into the office or he would strum on the guitar when he'd walk by her office door. It was awful, bad guitar chords, strings out of tune, but it cracked him up! He even taught me how to play it on bass so we could play it together and torment poor Dana. But that's the kind of goofball Scott was. He was always trying to make you crack a smile or make you forget about your day for just a minute to giggle or hear a joke.

I miss him. I miss his laugh. I miss eating cheese and mustard sandwiches with him in the office because we'd run out of turkey and were too lazy to go to the 1st floor for a real lunch. I miss him walking down the hallway holding a roll of 2-ply toilet paper because he didn't like the 1-ply in the bathroom. He never had any shame either! HAHA! He'd carry it down the hall and if he ran into a co-worker or some taking a tour, you knew exactly where he was headed or coming from. But again, it would make people laugh and that's what he was so good at. Which by the way, we still have two of his rolls in our bookshelf! I told you not much has changed in the office.


When I was Scott's producer, I loved booking guests that I knew he'd geek out talking to. If I could send him a text or an email and tell him, "Hey, I just booked Matt Damon and he will join us Friday morning" and to hear his excitement was the best! But what was even better was listening to him interview hundreds of celebrities over the years without asking the same questions over and over. He was SO good! He had a way of connecting with the celebrities and making them feel comfortable from the start. That's such a gift and I loved listening to final product after he and Erica or he and Dana would talk to a guest.

When we weren't on the air, we'd play games in the office. Our morning show office would tend to be the place our co-workers would come to if they needed a 5-minute breather or to clear their head. It was all Scott why they came by, they just needed a minute to laugh or to chat with him. He'd play them a song on his guitar and serenade them, do his really odd suction cup hand trick, or we would play a game of POGA or Wall Ball. POGA is something we made up called the "Professional Office Golfers Association" and it's just one of those games where you roll the metal ball down two metal rods, like you'd see at Brookstone of something. Wall Ball was just us throwing a Hacky-Sack in the hallway, trying to make it land on the shelf of a window of our co-worker Dan's studio. And no, if you walked by, we didn't stop the game, you'd have to wait for us to finish our turn. We had so much fun at work both on and off the air, it was like a playground for adults.

Fran and Lauren, we love you girls! You will always be our "Mix" radio family. Scott loved you both so much and bragged about you both all the time. And when he wasn't, he was talking about his golf game or playing blues guitar solos on Youtube, and then back to talking about his girls. And he'd sometimes get  a little "LTD" talking about you. (LTD is what Scott would call that Lump Throat Disease when he'd get choked up.)

Three years Scooter, it's been three years since you've walked into the office and called me "Super Jay." I miss you buddy. I still listen to our goofy "Morning MIX Prime Time" bits and crack up at how silly we were and somehow remained employed. But that's what made you so good! You made it seem so easy, but everyone knows how incredibly talented you were. Love you bud!


P.S. I know I rambled, but memories would come to mind and I'd just write them. So thanks for taking the time to read about my friend Scott.

Scott and Jay