The Most Popular Thanksgiving Recipe In Every State

Can you guess Florida's?

November 5, 2019

It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just three weeks away. So, if you haven't bought your turkey yet, it's that time! However, turkey isn't the only thing you have to get. It's all those yummy sides that we get to pile on our plate until nothing else can fit. However, what do you think the most popular dish is in Florida? What about a dessert?

A new study by House Method figured out the most popular Thanksgiving recipe in every state based on Google searches. In Florida, our top search is "Roasted Turkey," which was the top search in either other states too. Salads and stuffing both won six states, and several other foods won at least one state, including mashed potatoes, yams, deviled eggs, gravy, carrots, and casseroles.

The study also found the most popular Thanksgiving desserts in every state and in Florida, it looks like we love pumpkin cheesecake.

However, pumpkin pie and brownies tied for number one, with 15 states each.  Pecan pie and sweet potato pie split the southern vote and things like apple fritters and apple pie all also won a few states.