A New App Will Lock Your Child's Phone If They Ignore You

This is the best app ever!

January 9, 2019



If you're like me and have teenagers at home, chances are you've sent them text messages that have been ignored. Not to mention when you know they have their phones in their hand and they don't answer you calls. So frustrating and makes you wonder, "Why am I even paying for you to have a phone?"

Well, there's a new App for frustrated parents that you're going to love! It's called ReplyASAP and it will lock your child's phone until they respond to you. THe creater of the app is Nick Herbert and this man is a genius! HAHA! But wait! What if they say, "But Mom, my phone was on vibrate, I didn't hear it!" He's got that covered too, it will sound an alarm to notify them that Mom and Dad are trying to get a hold of them.

According to Pure Wow, it's only available on Android right now, but it's coming soon to iPhone.

You can check it out and read more about it here.