The Top 10 Ways Parents Embarrass Their Kids

I'm so guilty of these!

December 6, 2018
Kiley and Dad

Jay Edwards/Entercom


No matter how cool I think I am, my 15 and 13-year old still think yoI'm probably the least cool person on the planet. A new survey asked kids between 8-17 years old to name the most embarrassing things their parents do and here's their top 10:


1.  Telling people stories about me or showing them pictures of me. (Me? No, never! HA!)

2.  Acting weird or being silly (24/7 me)

3.  Thinking they're funny when they're not. (100% me)

4.  Being overly protective or attentive (Yep, this too)

5.  Making me do things I don't want to do. (Try it, you might like it! Hmmm, sounds like something I'd say.)

6.  Trying to act cool or young. (Cool, yes.)

7.  Passing gas (Wasn't me)

8.  Hugging and kissing me. (Don't care, I'll always do this.)

9.  Yelling at me (OK, not me finally.)

10.  Teasing me about a boy or girl (Yep!)


According to YouGov, 5% of kids said their parents don't do anything to embarrass them. Who are these people? Each kid could pick up to three answers and some of the other answers included singing, dancing, PDA, nicknames, and just interacting with their friends in general.