Did Someone Get A High-Def Picture Of The Loch Ness Monster?

June 24, 2020

Have you seen this yet? I mean, I want to believe Nessie is real and all, but people are really good on PhotoShop!

There's a new high-def photo of what could be the Loch Ness Monster that's making the rounds online.  Some people think it's legit, but even the photographer is a skeptic.  According to BroBible, he took it last year on vacation in Scotland and just now shared it online.

You can only see its back sticking out of the water.  The guy who took it says he was only 30 feet away and it was around eight feet long, so chances are it's not a whale.  He thinks it was just a big fish or maybe a seal, a really big seal! Other people think he's lying and that it's photoshopped. What do you think?

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