The 10 Most Common House Rules Parents Have For Kids

How many of these do you follow?

June 5, 2019

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How strict are you when it comes to house rules with your kids. Were your parents strict growing up or were they the "Cool" parents? Well, a new survey from SWNS found that 54% of parents in the U.S. think they're more relaxed about the rules than their parents were.  

What are the most common "House Rules" parents have for their kids? Here's the ten most common...


1.  Always say "Please" and "Thank you."  This rule is found in 50% of every home. (Do the other 50% not require their kids to say that?)

2.  Always be kind, 49%

3.  Before you can play, you have to finish your homework, 48% (Not a rule in my house. I'm ok if they decompress some when they get home and relax before going right back at it.)

4.  Put things back where you found them, 46%

5.  Clear the table after dinner, 46%

6.  We eat dinner together as a family, 44% (Love this one, even though sports and activities sometimes get in the way.)


7.  No phones at the table, 41% (Yes!)

8.  Help bring in the groceries, 37%

9.  No yelling in the house, 36%

10.  You can't go to bed angry, 34% (I like this one too)