The Morning MIX Place Their Prop Bets For Sunday

Who do you side with: Jay, Dana or Adam?

February 1, 2019

Entercom Orlando


Who wants to bet on the game itself when you can bet on everything else surrounding Sunday's game? Here are a handful of popular prop bets that the Morning MIX bet on. Play along and see how well you do!


What color will the drink be that's pourned on the winning coach?

Jay: Orange     Dana: Red     Adam: Blue


Will Christina Aguilera make a surprise appearance during the halftime show?

Jay: No     Dana: No     Adam: No


Will it take Gladys Knight more or less than 107 seconds to sing the National Anthem?

Jay: Less     Dana: Less     Adam: More


Will both teams combine to score 76 points or more to set a new record?

Jay: Yes     Dana: No     Adam: No


Will a player use a prop during a touchdown celebration?

Jay: No     Dana: No     Adam: Yes