The Top Comfort Foods We're All Relying On Right Now

July 30, 2020

If you need to check how much stress you're currently under, just count how many bags of chips and M&Ms you've gone through since March. It's not Scientific, but I bet it'll work! LOL

The NY Post shared the results of a new survey by Sensodyne that asked people which comfort foods they've relied on the most to deal with their pandemic stress.  Is it wrong that I said "Yep" to all ten of these?

Here are the top answers...


1.  Potato chips.  62% of us have had them in the last few months. (I bet 62% of us have had them in the past 24 hours!)

2.  Ice cream, 59%

3.  Chocolate or candy, 58%

4.  Pizza, 56%

5.  Mac-and-cheese, 51%

6.  Pasta, 46%

7.  Mashed potatoes, 46%

8.  Chicken noodle soup, 36%


Three out of four people said they're eating more comfort foods now than ever before and more than a third of us are eating them at least once a day. 

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