Starbucks Is Giving Out Free Reusable Cups Today...But You Better Hurry!

November 7, 2019

Do you remember last year when Starbucks gave out free reusable red cups to kick off their holiday drink menu? You'd also get a 50-cent discount on their holiday drinks when you used the cup.

Last year, people were very upset when they ran out of the free cups almost immediately. Well, let's hope the same thing doesn't happen, because they're doing the same thing this year.

According to Thrillist, their stores are giving free reusable red cups to anyone who orders a holiday drink today and it'll get you 50 cents off holiday drinks after 2:00 P.M. and it goes through the first week of January.

However, you better hurry because if last year was any indication, stores will run out of these quickly. 

✨Turn on your cheer – the holidays are back tomorrow, Nov. 7! Purchase a handcrafted holiday beverage and get a #Reusable #RedCup free. Hurry – only at participating stores in the U.S. & Canada while supplies last. ✨

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