The Ten Most Common Goals All Of Us Share

July 23, 2020

Are you more driven now than when you were younger?  Well, a recent poll found the average person hits peak ambition at age 33. So, if you're older than that, I guess it's ok to start procrastinating more. According to The Sun, the survey also looked at the most common goals we have in life.  Some are big, some small, but these are the ten most common goals we have on any given day:



1.  To save money.

2.  To eat healthier.

3.  Get in shape and exercise more.

4.  Find ways to relax.

5.  Drink more water.

6.  Read more.

7.  Visit a destination you've always wanted to go to.

8.  More travelling in general.

9.  Learn to go easier on yourself.

10.  Pay off debt. 


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