10 Things We Miss And Don't Miss About Going Into The Office

September 16, 2020

There are millions of people that are still working from home right now and who knows when the whole team will be allowed back in the office again. But, is there anything you truly miss about that old life? 


A new survey from YouGov asked people if they miss certain things about being in an office and here's what they had to say...


1.  Seeing work friends and coworkers.  66% of us miss it.

2.  Face-to-face meetings, 49%. (No more Zoom, LOL!)

3.  Office gossip, 38%.

4.  Going out to lunch, 31%.

5.  Sometimes getting to leave early, 26%.

6.  Putting on work clothes and getting dressed-up, 15%.

7.  Laughing at your boss's jokes, 13%. 

8.  Office décor, 7%.

9.  The smell of the office, 5%.

10.  Setting an early alarm, 4%. 


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