The Top 10 Signs You Have Your Act Together

How many of these can you check off the list?

June 12, 2018


Think you have your life together? Take a look at these 10 stats and see how you're doing.

A new survey posted in the New York Post asked people to name the signs that someone has their life together.  So, here are the top ten, let's see how you stack up:

1.  Owning a home, 50% say that's a sign

2.  Following through on plans, 43%

3.  Keeping up with a regular exercise routine, 38%

4.  Having a high-paying job, 38%

5.  Being married, 37%

6.  Eating healthy, 37%

7.  Owning a car, 33%

8.  Wearing nice clothes, 33%

9.  Keeping eye contact during conversations, 31%

10.  Smelling good, 27%