A New Holiday Decorating Tradition: The Upside Down Christmas Tree

November 12, 2019

I'm all for decorating a little early, that way you can enjoy it a little longer this year since Thanksgiving is so late in the month. However, I don't think I'm onboard with a new holiday trend I've been seeing pop-up on social media.

It's the upside-down Christmas tree. Apparently you can either hang it from your ceiling or you can mount it upside-down in your tree stand. 

And... it starts. -- The only way I found we can truly enjoy the Christmas season, is to get all of the decorating done before Thanksgiving. We do some major decorating in our house! #decoratingthetree #deckthehalls #upsidedownchristmastree #tistheseason

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People with smaller spaces seem to love it becuase the wide base of the tree doesn't take up as much room, plus you can fit more presents under the tree. I've also heard the argument that if you have pets, when you hang it from the ceiling, they can't get into the ornaments and lights as easily.

I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be the Grinch or anything, but this just looks silly to me.

Pet Friendly #ChristmasTree #upsidedown #upsidedownchristmastree

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