The Top 10 Things Your Mate Truly Wants For Valentine's Day

Which one tops your list?

February 7, 2019



I feel like I'm pretty good at planning Valentine's Day. I usually get tulips for my wife because those are her favorite, plus a card, some chocolate and I cook a really yummy dinner. Not bad, right? I think if my wife were to give me a grade, I would get a B. However, 58% of people surveyed say they'd give their mate an F! That's awful!

So, AP asked what people really want for Valentine's Day to make it extra special this year and here's what they had to say:

1.  58% of us say they want a nice dinner out, that's considered a good gift.

2.  Chocolate, 50%

3.  Roses or Flowers, 46%

4.  A massage, 46%

5.  A home-cooked meal, 39%

6.  Jewelry, 36%

7.  Taking a trip to a warm or exotic place, 31%

8.  A spa package, 31%

9.  An overnight stay at a nice hotel, 30%

10.  Tickets to a comedy show, 26%