You're Not Lazy, The Average Home Needs Nine Repairs

How many of these projects are you putting off?

June 13, 2018



This is good news as far as I'm concerned!  It turns out everyone is just as lazy as me!

According to a new survey on the New York Post, the average home needs nine different repairs right now and a third of us have been putting off at least one of them for over a year at this point.  Wait, just one? I've been putting 4 or more of them off for a year or more!

Here are the 10 home repairs we're most likely to put off... (Anything with a "Y" next to it is a job I'm putting off. -Jay)

1.  Painting (Y)

2.  Remodeling the bathrooms (Y)

3.  Putting in new carpet

4.  Landscaping the yard (Y, 20 bags of mulch staring at me.)

5.  Remodeling the kitchen (Y)

6.  Drywall repairs (Y)

7.  Fixing or replacing a door (Y)

8.  Fixing or replacing a window

9.  Floor repairs

10.  Roof repairs