13 Turkey Cooking Tips!

Do you brine your bird?

November 20, 2018



I love to cook. And the one thing i'm really good at, is recreating recipes! This will be the 5-6th year since my mom stopped cooking because of her health, so I had to take over the turkey and roasts.

Although they ALWAYS come out pretty stellar, I love tweaking things and finding new things ot make.

I found these tips on Redbook for the holidays and thought I would share! Do you have any secrets or tips that you would share or MUST make?

  1. Make sure the turkey thaws to room temperature. This will make sure the bird ccooks evenly and all the way through.
  2. Don't truss. I've always thought I was a sucker for skipping this step but apparently I'm not.  Although it looks nice, it actually makes the turkey tougher to cook through and makes the breast harder to get crisp.
  3. Brine your turkey. I know many people who do this. I haven't ever. I guess you can't miss what you've never tasted.But brining locks in flavor and makes sure the bird doesn't dry out in the oven.
  4. Use butter.... all of it. Ok maybe not all of it, lathering on butter will make sure the bird gets a nice, golden, crunchy skin.
  5. Get a roasting rack. THIS I have. Got a killer deal on one during a holiday sale. It'll help your bird cook without getting stuck to the pan. And the drippings will make an amazing gravy.
  6. Cook HIGH the LOW. They suggest you start by putting the turkey in the oven on 450 for the first 30 minutesm, then lower it to 350 until finished.
  7. BASTE. Basting with it's own juices will make it nice and moist and juicy.
  8. Wrap in bacon. Lots of people apparently swear by this. Not me. Ill leave that on the side for sammiches.
  9. Season it differently. My boyfriends mother makes fun of me for using paprika & adobo on my turkey, but I love the taste and look. But venture and make your own, Cantonese and or Peruvian is what Redbook suggests!
  10. Split the turkey. Ugh what? Yep, if youre running short on time, they suggest cutting the turkey in half to make sure it cooks faster.
  11. Deep fry. This has become a favorite for many people. I think it would be too dangerous for me. But apparently the taste isn't comparable... one day I'll see.
  12. Slow cook it. Apparently you can slow cook the turkey! It'll take a little longer, but if it's a good size for you and your family - this will mean that you can use the oven for all your sides!
  13. Stick to classic. If you're comfortable making the same old turkey you always, do....DO IT! Do what's easy and comfortable for you.

MY BONUS TIP - I learned long ago that when you stuff the turkey with veggies instead of stuffing and cook it BREAST DOWN, until the last 30 minutes, it is the JUICIEST I've ever made! Sure the breast ends up looking a bit wonky cause of the rack, but it's so good!