6 Ways To Beat Holiday Depression

Sounds weird, but it's more common than you think.....

December 5, 2018



How dare you not be jolly around the holidays! I know... it seems, well, off. Holiday cheer doesn't always bring that. For us with depression, we try. We put on a smile, push through and it honestly feels like we'd be much happier when they're just done and over with.

Of course we are grateful for what we have. But life happens. So if you're down in the dumps and find it hard to just really get out of a funk, I found this article on Redbook Mag that may help us!

  • Surround yourself with the people you love - I do this as often as I possibly can anyway. It's always a nice distraction. Holidays are meant for spending time with loved ones. Let's not forget about that.
  • Eat your favorite foods! - We mean comfort foods. Allow yourself to indulge a bit. Sweets , carbs, you name it.... I'm obviously not encouraging you to go overboard. 
  • Stay Active - Exercising produces endorphins, and as Elle Woods from Legally Blonde says 'endorphins make you happy'... if your normally active, don't stop. If you're not, maybe give some zumba a try! I love zumba.
  • Go Outside - Doctors always suggest this for depression. Ourdoor air and sunlight helps SO much. Sit by a window even, if it's too cold.
  • Be kind to others - This goes without saying, being kind really helps your mood. Learning how to be patient will keep you at peace and allow you to be more kind as well.
  • Take time to be alone - There's always so much to do and to be done, but take a break. Recharge a bit. I have to remind myself and my sister this ALL THE TIME. I feel like I rarely get any hours, but you have to create them. Prioritize, make the time and stick to it like you would any chore or errand. We need to be happy with ourselves.

Whatever you're going through, you're not alone. Life has it's way of bringing us down, even when things are bright. And PLEASE seek help if you need it.