This Company Will Turn Your Pet's Ashes Into Replica Glass Paws

I wish I could have done this.

May 28, 2019



We really don't deserve pets. I know that everyone says that a dogs love is unconditional, but hear me out- my cats act like dogs. So that goes for cats too.

They are the best companions ever, but they love so much, that they aren't around for as long as we are. And it sucks. The goodbyes, suck.

I've buried my two little guys. They actually happened to both pass on the same day, years a part. I know there are ways to cremate and hold them close, but it wasn't what my dad wanted. And now there are other ideas.

For example, replica glass paws.  Davenport Memorial Glass does exactly this and more. They make paws, and even pendants-so you can carry your beloved pet and remember all the good times.

According to their site, "All you need is a spoonful of ashes, and Davenport will turn it into a nice piece of memory. You can send the ashes by post. They also make paw-imprint pendants."

I know it's not the most upbeat post, but sometimes we want options. Figured I could help!

Hair paw. No ashes no worries. Coming to the site next week. #cremation #memorial #memorialglass #gratitude #davenportmemorialglass

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