Backstreet Boys Serenade Their Wives For Their Last Vegas Residency Show

I'm..... SOBBING

April 30, 2019

Kevin Winter / Staff



I'm sobbing.

The Backstreet Boys did something really special, for their very last 'Larger Than Life' residency show at Planet Hollywood’s Zappos Theater in Las Vegas, Nevada, they closed it off by bringing their wives ON STAGE WITH THEM AND SERENADING THEM!

All 5 wives, Lauren, Rochelle, Leigh, Kristin, and Leighanne joined the boys on stage for their very last song , 'Shape of my heart". The boys dropped to one knee before them and serenaded them with a single rose each. After, they walked through the stage and Leighanne, handed out the roses to some fans.

How super romantic, and just adorable of them. I need this in my life. I'm beside myself. 

The Backstreet Boys come to the Amway Center on August 24th, 2019. 

@kristinkayphoto @kevinscottrichardson hands down the best #ShapeOfMyHeart serenade of the @backstreetboys residency. I saw all 10 amazing husbands and wives up there but focused on my 2 faves. Kristin and Kevin are freaking adorable. I adore this couple. Love that they are still so in love after all these years. Let's celebrate these 5 woman and recognize the sacrifices these boys make away from their families to perform the best damn shows for us. Also why are there flaming hot doritos on the big screen ? lol #TeamRichardson #BSBVegas

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And here's an EXTRA surprise.... LANCE from NSYNC was there too and jammed his little heart out!