Brian Littrell's Son Will Open For Backstreet Boys Tour


April 3, 2019

Rich Fury / Staff Editorial


According to EW, Backstreet's Brian Littrel's son will be opening for the upcoming DNA tour.

Baylee Littrell is a 16 year old country singer, he'll be joining his dad and the rest of the BSBoys on the northern end of their tour. 

He goes on to tell PEOPLE, “Since I was 6 years old, my dream has always been to go on tour, I wanted to do what my dad did. One of their shows — they went out on the road and I remember right before they went on, I put on one of my dad’s jackets from one of his outfits in his dressing room and I stood in front of the mirror. He comes in and is like, ‘Hey Bubs, what are you doing?’ and I’m like, ‘Well I want to be like you.’ I asked, ‘Can I get up there instead one day?’ He was like, ‘Well, you never know.’ And now the opportunity to open for him and the guys is like that 6-year-old self standing in front of that mirror in his dressing room with his jacket on. It’s a dream come true.”

MY EYES!!! They grow up so fast! 

Baylee's first single, “Don’t Knock It”, dropped in November. His whole album will be released this summer.