BSB's AJ McLean Goes Solo!

....what will we do without him?

May 16, 2018



OK, so let's just be clear, it's no secret that I'm a die hard BSB fan. Love them to pieces, and then some more pieces.

I actually can't believe that i'm only hearing this news about AJ now. It was announced about a month ago that AJ was going solo and GOING COUNTRY! Honestly, my first reaction this morning was... I can't believe he's waited so long. Of course BSB have another album coming out and a new single hitting tomorrow. ((uber fan girling))... but would this be the right time for him to break off? 

They still have a residancy in Vegas so I'm trying to grasp and put together how he will be juggling all of this... New albums usually mean new tours, right? Plus Vegas, plus family time... we shall see. I have NO doubt he will be successful. He was shining so bright out of the group when I went to see them in Vegas, but of course ALL completely talented men- it would not surprise me if any of them went solo. I think I just had hoped they would always be that one group to stay together.

Anyhoo, AJ posted on his twitter account late last night/morning about how he's happy his first solo show has sold out. Good for him! I'll definitely be seeing you around AJ, if you come on tour BACK to your real neck of the woods ;)