Disney Creates A FunkO Villains Cereal Just In Time For Halloween!

Isn't this the cutest?!

August 6, 2019



Disney has come out with a new cereal just in time for Halloween. They have been focusing so much on the villains, and I'm pretty happy about it. Those poor unfortunate souls don't get enough credit, without them, we wouldn't have the amazing movies that we do.

FunkO's are cute little figurines of your favorite characters, I have a couple of them and they're just adorable. Usually have big heads and little bodies. Well they have teamed up to make 2 cereals. One for Oogie Boogie and another for Ursula, and each box comes with a miniature figure.

You can see them both right HERE.

OUR CEREAL DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE. Find Spencer’s Exclusive Disney Villain Funko cereal + figure online for presale now and coming to stores soon. Don't be a poor unfortunate soul, grab one now! #spencers #funko #disney #thelittlemermaid #ursula #disneyvillians

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Although they are not the average price of your regular cereal, you can preorder them online at Spencers for just $10.99 with shipment guaranteed for on or before September 11th.