[WATCH] Disney Releases First Trailer For 'Mulan'

Disney is wasting no time teasing us with more movies!

July 8, 2019

Lintao Zhang / GETTY


The trailer is definitely not disappointing when it expresses what Mulan is brought up to be, according to her culture, but then showing her individuality.

The live action remake of Mulan, played by Yifeu Lu, will show you her journey from a young and quiet daughter, to an amazing warrior. She intends to bring honor to the family, despite the costs.

But unlike the animated film, there are rumors stating that Mushu will not be in this movie, and the original songs won't be either. That's actually been upsetting Disney fans. However, many of the other live action remakes haven't had the original songs either. There's no doubt that the movie will still be just as good as any of the others. I have high hopes for it. Who doesn't love a strong woman?

Mulan has a release date set for March 27, 2020!