Disney's Polynesian Village Resort To Be Reopened And RETHEMED In 2021

Ugh I am totally down for this!

September 1, 2020

There was news yesterday that Disney's Polynesian Village Resort won't reopen until 2021. 

Shortly after that news broke, MORE news emerged that Disney plans to retheme the resort. According to an interview with the Orlando Sentinel, a Disney World spokesperson confirmed that the Great Ceremonial House, and guest rooms will be decorated into a Moana theme.

The decorative team plans to create new Pacific colors, patterns and textures for the resort, that coincide with Moana, since Motunui is a Polynesian island. I know people are beyond excited for this transformation. And of course, we hope that meet and greets WITH Moana or Maui will eventually be available.

I won't complain if the Dwayne Johnson shows up either LOL