Disney Still Raises The American Flag Daily With Message Of Hope

See ya real soon.....

April 2, 2020

Give me my Disney days and nights back!

Corona has robbed us of many experiences and trips, we've all had planned. Many of us are annual passholders for Disney so it's a no brainer , that we would escape from our every day lives and worries, just to people watch and eat a Mickey Ice Cream on a bench. The rides are fun, but the atmosphere, and seeing wonder in children's or even adult first timer's eyes, well, you can't beat that kind of happiness.

Today, the Walt Disney World Facebook page decided to share an emotional video. Magic Kingdom Park, completely empty, yet our American Flag, is still raised. Their message is just heart warming, and hope filled. I can't wait to go back. We will get back to normal, or create a new normal, with new memories and more magic than we ever thought could be out there.

'...we're still here and we will not falter'