Top Disney World Smells I Miss

Take me back, as soon as I can

April 30, 2020

I finally broke down yesterday and told Michael that I miss going out. I know everyone does. I was trying not the be the Debbie Downer, but it finally happened. We're already used to being homebodies and just going out on the weekends, but that obviously doesn't happen anymore. And of course, what I used to love doing, as much as I could, during the week and weekends was, have a light bite and walk at Epcot. Go to Magic Kingdom for just one ride in a buggy at the Haunted Mansion, and stand by the flag pole to watch 'Happily Ever After' fireworks. Being an annual passholder for a long time, theme parks are what we really relied on for family and friend hang outs. Taking us out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It was my escape, from reality. From situations and sadness. And in the past month and a half, until further notice, we've all been having to sit and face reality. 

So let's bring back some of our favorite things from the 'Happiest Place on Earth'.

Think Happy Thoughts! And the first, starts with our favorite smells.

  • The Pirate's of The Caribbean 
  • Soarin' over orange fields
  • Haunted Mansion
  • Polynesian Resort
  • Frozen Ever After
  • Rome burning at Spaceship Earth
  • Riding your banshee through Pandora
  • The pasture smell riding the monorail
  • Wafflecones from the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor
  • Lumiere's baked pie in Philharmagic
  • 'It's Tough To Be A Bug' bugs fart's not pleasant but i'd take it over being at home LOL
  • and of course It's A Small World!

Am I missing something? YEP! DISNEY WORLD IN GENERAL. Hope I brought you back a bit and didn't make you more sad. Just wanted to bring some smiles.