Florida Was Just Named One Of Least Friendly States!

Well aren't we just a bunch of crabby patties.....

August 20, 2019



When it comes to the list of friendliest states, we currently find ourselves in the bottom 10, at least in a list compiled by Big 7 Travel

Florida comes in at #42 on the list. Not exactly surprising, New York is the least friendly city, clocking in at #50. Why would you think this is? 

In justifying Florida's ranking, the site says: "Considering Miami is often voted as one of the least friendly cities in America, Florida has its work cut out for it. Cities such as Orlando and its tourist-friendly initiatives are helping the state big time, but overall its reputation has some catching up to do."

On the 'bright' side in the sunshine state, Orlando is helping out the rest and keeping our friendly persona afloat!

The bottom 10 are as follows:

50. New York

49. Arkansas

48. Delaware

47. Massachussetts

46. New Jersey

45. Washington

44. New Hampshire

43. Nevada

42. Florida

41. Rhode Island

And the top 10 friendliest states???

1. Minnesota

2. Tennessee

3. South Carolina

4. Texas

5. Wyoming

6. Indiana

7. Colorado

8. Kansas

9. Oklahoma

10. Hawaii