My Friends Are Expecting & Their Nursery Is Harry Potter Themed!

It's just SO good!

May 19, 2020

I just had to share this.

I've been friends with this couple since they were high school sweet hearts. They have the kindest hearts. Candy and her husband Edmundo have been trying for years to have a little one to add to their family. It finally happened. Growing up in Florida, Universal Studios, Halloween Horror Nights, and visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter has been one of their most favorite things and traditions in their lives. 

Although they no longer live in Florida, they visit quite frequently for family and friends, and always do a Universal Staycation, whenever they come. I've not found any bigger fans than them. And now that they are just a few weeks away from delivering their bundle of joy, they shared the video of their new nursery! All Harry Potter themed , along with their best finds at Universal.

CHECK THIS OUT! I can't wait to see which house the little one will be sorted into, although I'm betting it's Gryffindor :)