[WATCH] ABC's 'The Little Mermaid Live' Performances

I am in LOOOOOVE With Queen Latifah as Ursula!

November 6, 2019



I've been waiting for this since it was announced. Also helps that the movie originally came out 2 days before my birthday. It was an event I was supposed to watch with mom. But I COULDN'T. Moms cable network didn't have ABC. I was pretty upset, I wanted to DVR it for her so she could watch it more often. 

Anyway- after having a late birthday dinner with my best friend, I know I'd be able to find it somewhere online. The very first video I found, was of Queen Latifah as Ursula, singing 'Poor Unfortunate Souls'. Honestly, if that was the ONLY video I saw all night, I would have been completely content! SHE KILLED IT. SHE WAS THE BEST THING EVER! I was SO impressed.

Of course I did enjoy all the other performances, although... many didn't.... I've seen a few people complain about how off pitch they were, but honestly- it's live and broadway, people aren't always perfectr, especially those who aren't used to performing often and or in front of an audience like this. Thank being said, MAJOR props to John Stamos. Who would have thought? I think he did a great job as the crazy Chef Louis. 

Graham Phillips even got to sing, as Eric. His whole crew sang 'Fathoms Below' and it was pretty cute. He's a cute Prince Eric.

Auli'i Cravalho, job well done, and she looked beautiful! She can now add a second Disney princess title to her list. Shaggy, I enjoyed his performance ALOT, it was fun. The only problem I had was.... guys..... what in the Sam hell happened to Flounder.... DID YOU SEE HIM? Like.... REALLY? YOU REALLY COULDN'T CREATE A FLOUNDER THAT RESEMBLED....FLOUNDER?! It's like they ordered the puppet from WISH.com, or borrowed it from the muppets. It looked NOTHING like him. THAT is my only real complaint.

OK so that, AND the fact that I can't find a link for 'Kiss The Girl' anywhere. If you missed it, take a look below for yourself. 

Oh, and the original voice of Ariel, Jodi Benson, introduced the whole thing- so that made me super happy!