Love Your Red Hair Day!

MIX is so fortunate!

November 5, 2018

Photo By Susie


Here's a fun fact I just learned today, two days before MY birthday.... it's NATIONAL LOVE YOUR RED HAIR DAY!

I had no idea it was a holiday, but i'll take it. It's a day dedicated to celebrating red hair and it’s designed to empower men and women gingers to feel confident and embrace their hair colour, natural or not.

According to The Independant, here are some more stats!

  • Less than two per cent of the world's population have red hair, making it the rarest hair colour in the world.
  • We redheads react to changes in temperature more intensely.
  • According to a 2003 study by McGill University, we have a higher pain threshold than blondes or brunettes.

I've always loved my red hair. My mother, on the other hand, was really upset when I was born! Apparently in Poland, red heads were teased SO bad. She knew kids that had horrible childhoods becuase of it, so when I popped out as a baby ginger, she cried thinking I'd have a rough life growing up. UNTIL she realized how many American's found it glorious and adored it. It's unique. And she brought me up, knowing that. She even told me she'd kill me if I ever colored it. So it took me 32 years to build the courage to darken it a tiny bit, but i've never strayed from red!

 I can't wait to one day have a little ginger baby of my own, until then.... I'm busy waiting for Meghan and Prince Harry to welcome theirs!