Watch NSYNC Rehearse With Ariana Grande For Coachella

It's Tearin' Up Our Hearts If You Don't Tour....

April 24, 2019

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Staff


Enough of the shenanigans and teasing NSYNC! We need you all to tour, with or WITHOUT Justin.

....preferably with Justin.

So Joey loves his fans so much that he posted a video of NSYNC rehearsing for their Coachella performance with Ariana Grande. BIG thanks to Ariana for bringing us old fans something we adore so much. Boy Band Lovers for Life!

We can all admit we desperately want NSYNC to tour... Or even put on a cruise like NKOTB! WHY not?!

And Joey, you're a fan of the Tenderloins.... get them in on the tour too! See, I'm just full of awesome ideas...Let's talk about this. Have your people call my people, and by 'my people', I mean ME...